9 Techniques to Learn Anything Faster

how to learn anything faster

Learning a skill faster is a skill that everyone would be willing to have. Especially in this currently changing world it is very important to be dedicated to learning new things quickly. If you are good at learning new skills , you are more likely to succeed. Now let’s look …

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What is Digital Plagiarism? | Effects and How to Fix it?

What is Digital Plagiarism? | Effects and How to Fix it.   Digital plagiarism will be recognized when someone copies any physical object’s basic idea to generate similar digital versions, such as digital calculators, watches, digital clocks, and many other items. If you copy any project from google into a …

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Top mutual funds to invest in India in [2021]

Top Mutual Funds to invest in India

Top Mutual Funds To invest in India in [2021]    In India, the Stock exchange board of India has more than 5000 companies listed. In that top 30 by BSE is called Sensex and the top 50 by NSE is called nifty.   The top 100 companies are called large-cap, 100 …

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How to make money through YouTube in [2021]?

make money through youtube

How to Make Money Through YouTube in [2021] Since 2009 millions of people have quit their jobs and started to make a living out of YouTube. YouTube has more than 1.9 billion users. YouTube is the most viewed website in the world after Google. Three hundred hours of content is …

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How to make money through online courses?

make money through online courses

How to Make Money Through Online courses? Imagine the days before Corona, when you had to travel miles to attend your work and then again travel miles to attend your evening class.  Now the time has changed.  You can work from home and also have enough time to learn new …

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Top 9 quotes of Steve Jobs to motivate you

steve jobs quotes

Top 9 Motivational Quotes of Steve Jobs  Steve Jobs is undoubtedly one of the most successful inventors of his time. His company Apple is now worth 2 trillion dollars and is one of the biggest companies in the world.  But what made Steve jobs achieve what other companies like Dell …

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How to invest in 2021 for beginners ?

Photo to show investing in 2021

How To Invest as a beginner in India[2021] Investing is one of the skills that everyone should have. Money plays an important role in our life. All of us have a specific goal in our life – it could be to buy a car or to have a dream home …

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