Earn Money Online Without Investments in 2022

Is it Possible to earn money online without investments?. Keep reading to find out the Truth.

When we think of the internet, the thoughts that come to our mind are news, entertainment gossip, and digging some informational stuff. But gone are those days when people used to browse the internet for entertainment purposes.

Today many individuals are generating their income in 6-7 figures online and are ready to leave their full-time job and focus on their online businesses.

If you have patience, desire to hustle hard, and provide some value to people out there, then there is good news for you! You can easily start making a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars within 6-12 months from now.

Here I have listed 20 different ways for students who do not have enough money to invest initially, can begin and start earning a few dollars very soon. So read through all these ways and find out which suits you best for you.

20 ways to make online money without investments

1. Freelancing.

What is freelancing? Many of you might have heard of this word several times when we talk about earning money online. It is basically a term used for the person who is self-employed and can work in the comfort of his home.

Freelancing does not point to any specific qualification, you can start freelancing if you are good in any skills like web-designing, music, painting, computer programming, video production, graphic designing, Seo, content writing, and many more. 

This is one of the trendings ways to earn money online without investments for students

There are several freelancing platforms where you can sign up your account, find a niche you want to work for, start taking small projects, after you complete and submit to your clients you will be paid your fees.

You can charge high bucks as per your skills level and expertise also collecting good feedback from your past clients help you in charging a higher amount in the future. 

Freelancing platforms are :

2. Blogging


Blogging- earn money online without investment


Blogging is the first suggestion or idea that comes to our mind to make money online. Initially, blogging was all about sharing your own story or writing some content on the website. But now the scenario has been changed.

You can start your own blog on WordPress or Blogger platforms. To start earning money from blogging you must start it with a goal in mind of solving any problems of the public or providing some values to the audience as it will help you to get connected with your readers. 

At last, you can monetize your blog through advertisement or affiliate marketing. The more popular your blog is the more ways you have to earn money online. 

Here are 5 simple steps you can follow to create your own blog.

  1. Think of a niche you want to write or you can give better information on that topic.
  2. Take the domain and hosting for your blog.
  3. Start with WordPress(content management system)
  4. Begin with writing more content.
  5. Learn and apply SEO(search engine optimization) to grow your website.

3. Affiliate marketing:


Affiliate marketing is one of the most successful methods that almost all big bloggers earn the majority of their online money from this.

It is the process of promoting products of any brand through your blog, website, social media pages, youtube channel, etc., and if anyone buys that product through your affiliate link you earn some handsome commission in between.

This method helps to earn money online without investments for students as they don’t necessarily need a blog to promote affiliate products it can also be promoted on social media pages.

If you are solving your audience problems in any way you are more likely to get clicked to your affiliate links and as a result more money in your bank balance.

so mostly focus on giving some values and solving your trusted audience problems, earning money will be the byproduct thereon.

Here are 5 affiliate networks which you should check out now.

  1. Amazon-affiliate
  2. Clickbank
  3. Shareasale
  4. CJ affiliate
  5. Rakuten

4. Drop-shipping


When it comes to online businesses dropshipping is the term that you must have come across. Although many people know about it, very few have understood how it fundamentally works and with proven strategies how can they build a successful business. 

It is an order fulfillment method, where businesses don’t need to work on the inventory model. Here retailers don’t need their own stocks or warehouse to keep products, instead they partner with manufacturers, dropship suppliers.

Once customers place order retailers send those details directly to suppliers who do everything from packaging to delivering on retailers’ behalf. 

Although this is not a quick-rich method it can give you a successful online business without having your own products or services. 

5. Selling online courses

Now, this may not work for every individual because creating your own courses mainly deals with good knowledge about the topics you are going to teach, it requires some sort of expertise.

Also, it needs some time to design, create and document your content in-depth in digital form once it is done you can start promoting or uploading on various online learning platforms like Udemy, Coursera, Udacity, Khan Academy, etc. 

Slowly you watch your content being bought on these platforms on a regular basis and you earn recurring money with these if you have really created a wonderful tutorial.

6. Youtube channel


Icon showing YouTube media


when it comes to earning money online without investments for students youTube is on top. Creating a Youtube channel is very easy and almost anyone can do it. Now all you need is some self-confidence and no fear to face a camera to talk about something. You don’t need any expert talk like videos, it is anything you can start with.

It may be your talents like music, dance, arts, humor, or any of your skills. Don’t worry if you don’t have any of the above just shoot a video of yourself talking about something, all you need is something interesting so the viewers can watch and get connected and that’s it you are done!.

If you can bring the viewers back to your videos, bang you will keep growing, and watching you grow sponsors will reach out to you.

7.Graphic designer 

Graphic design is the process of visual representation of some ideas or messages. It can be in the form of images, videos, posters e.t.c.,

It mainly includes logo designing, image enhancement, infographics, banners, social media posts, ebooks, editing, and many more skills. If you have any interest in the above-mentioned expertise, you can enhance your skills and start earning on freelancing platforms. Today many professionals are working as graphic designers and are paid handsome fees for their work.

8. writing and selling e-books

2015 report says e-books selling has hit $9 billion and seems to keep growing. If you have wanted to become a writer, give it a try here.

All you need is a problem you want to solve for your audience. in fact many bloggers now are including e-books selling in their stream of income. so it is also one of the ways to earn money online without investments for students.

you can anytime write valuable content to your audience or for all with the help of book writing software and publish it on amazon kindle or any of your favorite platforms, and sell it for a few dollars.

Imagine if you are selling 200 e-books with $10 each, it’s $2000 per month. 

9. Website and App development

You can learn website development or design online and within a few months, you will have good knowledge that you can start developing your own websites.

Or learn to develop android/ios applications and publish them on their respective play store. after you get decent downloads you can monetize your apps through advertisement or if your apps are really regular usable you can offer a freemium model, in that case, your earnings will be much higher.

You should be knowing Java or kotlin for android and swift for ios development. You can learn these programming languages online there are many resources out there on the internet.

10. Social Media Influencer


A social media influencer is someone who has a huge audience and has the ability to persuade his followers to act on their recommendations, today many advertisers are bidding on influencers due to their large outreach.

Influencers can be anyone from celebrities to bloggers or any person who provides some value to their audience in any form, this builds trust between influencers and audiences. Accordingly, if they find any products fit for their audience they affiliate and earn money through this.

This seems an easier way to earn money online without investments for students as it does not require any top qualifications.

11. Social Media Manager

A social media manager is someone who manages several social media accounts of big brands. Their main role is to keep an eye on the relations between brands and customers, watch how their customers are interacting, and keeping them more engaged with the brands.

You don’t need any degree to be a social media manager you just need to know how these social media behave and which age-groups, types of customers spend and react and keep themselves engaged to which social media platforms.

you need to create awesome content in the form of videos, images, gifs, or any other form which your audience is going to enjoy.  

12. Virtual Assistant

It is often difficult for any business or entrepreneur to manage everything on their own, here virtual assistant comes into the picture. They provide various services from remote locations. which includes almost everything you think your businesses need.

They can take care of scheduling appointments, preparing reports, digital marketing strategy, personal tasks like booking hotels, so many companies outsource their tasks to virtual assistants as their full-time employees.

It saves time and training costs for the company and is a win-win situation for both.

13. Develop WordPress Themes/plugins

Now if you have some knowledge of combined HTML, CSS(declarative language). JAVAscript, PHP (programming language).and PHP is mostly used in themes/plugins development.

On WordPress, many themes and plugins are available freely which is being used by millions of blogs and websites.

so you can start developing themes and plugins and upload them on WordPress for free with limited features and also if you want to earn you can give access to premium features in the paid version of your themes/plugins.

with this, you can easily earn thousands of dollars per month. 

14. Domain Flipping

Domain flipping is the process of buying a domain with the intention of selling it later. Many have made huge money out of this, if I say huge it means real money in thousands of dollars. If you are some lucky fellow it can even give you the money equalling your years of salaries.

All you need is to buy a domain from the service provider or the domains which are on the verge of expiring(and if the owner does not renew it thereon). You can buy and find a suitable buyer for your domain. Recently many are taking domain flipping as their full-time business.

15. Podcasts

Podcasts- earn money online without investments


A podcast is a word derived from ipod+broadcasts. It is an on-demand talk in the form of videos or audios before it is used to be audio-only. It can be scheduled to listen anytime. You can produce podcasts if you want to communicate or share anything with the world.

Again if you are providing some irreplaceable values to the audience you are more likely to get more sell of your podcast’s contents. And in return, you will be making a lot of real and recurring money. 

16. Sell stock Images

Today many youths are attracted to photography and also find their hobbies in this. But when it comes to photography, the first thing that comes to our mind is the price of cameras or photography equipment.

But gone are those days when our hobbies used to be for recreational sake, today people are making lots of money through selling stock images and if you can hone your photography skills along with some editing skills it is going to pay you unexpected. Professionals are charging even $100 for one image out there.

So get set and grab some money from selling your photographed images online, there are many online images selling portals.

17. Vlogging

vlogging=video+blogging. It is one of the most sought and likable online money-making professions. It is mainly an online video content form popularly watched on youtube.

In the near future, video content will be more consumable and therefore if you want to ace your social media presence and get noticed easily vlogging can give you that attention.

Today many big brands or entrepreneurs are vlogging on a regular basis Garyvee is the best example. It is the best way to promote your content, which might be related to your business, your products, and services, or simply your fun doing online content.

Just vlog and increase your followers and once people are enjoying your vlog you can take sponsorship and easily make good revenues.

18. Content Writing

content writing - online works from home


Content writing or freelance writing can easily pay you a few dollars on an hourly basis or if you are a professional writer you can charge $100 per article. so again it is one of the ways to earn money online without investment for students who are good at writing anything.

So if you have some sort of writing skills you just need to create your account on freelancing platforms and slowly you will start getting clients/individuals who will be ready to pay you to write blogs/articles for their websites, and you can easily be making money in your leisure time.

You can search for freelancing platforms in the above-mentioned freelancing category on top.

19. Online Tutoring

Tutoring is now not limited to offline service, and to limited people at once. If you are good at teaching or think you have a better knowledge of any specific subjects/topics. You can easily tenfold your earning by being an online teaching community and include this way to earn money online without investments in your lists.

There are many online teaching sites that are ready to pay for your teaching content. Udemy, Coursera, Tutor, Khan Academy, and many more will pay you for this.

You don’t need to find students for this if your teaching is really impacting other students, good reviews will do the rest of the work in bringing more students to you. The more students buy your course the more money you are credited to your bank account.

20. Participating in online surveys

This is one of the easiest ways to earn money sitting at home doing nothing but giving some honest opinions and reviews. There are many legitimate survey companies that provide you a wide range of online paying surveys.

Though it may not give you more money and is not reliable it gives you free money in the form of gift vouchers, rewards, or cash rewards too.

These were the majority of the ways through which you can earn money online without investments and enjoy your financial freedom.

Thank you.

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