8 Ways To Earn Money Online With Google [2021]

8 ways To Make Money Online With Google For Free [2021]

So you want to earn money online with google?  Don’t you?

It is definitely possible and you found the correct place to know all of those genuine ways to make money online.

Before we start, allow me to answer the question below….

Why does Google love to pay us?

Google has now become the synonymous word of internet and verb in itself with almost hitting  $1 trillion market capitalization in the next few years. 

Today Google is making thousands of billions of dollars each year from its advertising and therefore does not hesitate to pay billions of dollars to publishers to create content and share the knowledge with millions of users.

Google’s main motto is to provide the best user experience and give them the most relevant content what the users are searching for? So if you can help google with their motto they will happily pay you for this.

Well that being said, let’s start with the top 8 ways to earn money with google.

8 ways to earn money online with Google.

1.  Google AdSense: 


AdSense is Google’s advertising service program which generates and gives more than 90% of its revenue. It helps publishers to earn money by placing ads on their websites and blogs. It is very simple, free and you don’t need coding skills to benefit from this.

Here is how you can use and earn money from Google AdSense:

  • Create your own blog (take a domain and hosting and set up your website using WordPress, it hardly takes an hour to set up).
  • You need to have a good amount of blogs/content on your websites so that it can bring traffics/visitors, hence publishing content on a regular basis will do that.
  • Once you see visitors coming to your websites, you can apply for Adsense here.
  • Google will verify your website before approving and once done you are ready to make online money from google from your home.
  • Google will place ads on your blogs and you will now be paid for every single click on the placed ads on your blog.

2. YouTube channel:

youtuber -online works from home


Now just like a website even having your YouTube channel can earn you money.

YouTube is Google’s product and monetization procedure is similar to a website that is you need to set up Google AdSense even for monetizing your video’s content. 

Steps to earn online from Google’s YouTube:

  • Create a YouTube channel( all you need is a Google account, which you already might be having).
  • Select the niche you are interested in (this is important as it will help you to upload consistent videos instead of getting bored and leaving in middle).
  • Now upload videos on a regular basis and don’t make it too long.
  • After you meet YouTube requirements, you can apply for AdSense and monetize your video’s content and earn money from google.

3. Google AdMob:


This is for someone who is good or interested in developing mobile applications. Google provides several ways to earn and this is one of the most profitable ways to earn money online from Google.

 Here is how you can earn from Google Admob:

  • You can develop your apps with the help of the programming languages you are comfortable in (Java and Kotlin are mostly used).
  • Once developed, you can create a developer account on the Google play store and with a one-time registration fee of $25 (thereon publishing as many apps you want).
  • Now you go and publish your app on the play store and after some time you can more installation of your apps, you can monetize your apps through advertisements or also you can upgrade your apps with the paid applications.

4. Google opinion rewards:

This can not give you huge money to pay you for rent or expenses but it can purchase you some stuff on Google Play stores like Novels, books, games, songs, and albums, etc.

It is basically a survey-based app developed by Google and allows you to answer the survey questions and in return, some rewards are credited to your credit score.

once you collect a good amount of credits you can spend those to buy paid apps also on the Google play store.

It is not only limited to Android users, but you can also use it on iOS devices. Ios users are paid via their PayPal account.

5. Sell books on Google play store:

Now becoming an author is not a big deal, like it used to be earlier.

Anyone who is fond of writing can start and also publish their own e-books with almost free or with minimum charges.

With Google’s book store it has become now easier to publish your e-book and make some good money out of it. You need to create your Google book partner account, accepting some terms and conditions you can start.

You can read this detailed article about selling books on the Google play store.

6. Search Engine Evaluator:

We daily use a search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., for our queries by typing the specific keyword, and based on the search engine’s algorithm it shows us the results.

But not always the results match the query’s intent as the algorithm alone cannot be taken for granted and reliable. So Humans come into the picture here as search engine evaluators.

The job of the search engine evaluator is to evaluate the results of the search engine results according to the relevancy and intent behind the search.

People are mostly paid $10-15 per hour as per their role.

7. Google News:

Google news- earn online money with Google

This is once again a better way to earn online money with Google, it only requires a website that is driving some traffics, and submitting to google news can increase your organic traffic drastically.

Steps to submit your site to Google news

  1. Open Google news publisher Centre. 
  2. Login with your Gmail account.
  3. Search for Request for inclusion in Google News.
  4. Fill in the details and submit it.

The objective is to drive traffic to your website because more traffic means more money.

8. Google Audience Measurement.

Even this is similar to google opinion rewards as it is rewarded with points.

Here there will be an Audience management team or panels whose job is to study the behavior of users through their various devices.

They mainly study media habits with meters installed on users’ devices when they use their device the information is shared safely with Google.

They analyze your data like what types of apps, websites, or contents you are most interested in and prepare some metrics based on that.

people get rewarded some points which later can be credited to their bank account. Although it is not much money yes some sort of free money.


Although there are many ways to earn online money nowadays when it comes to the trust factor it goes without saying Google leads in the race.

So trusting  Google, in that case, is vital and all the above-mentioned ways are genuine and easy to earn money online with Google.

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  1. Google controls a lot of money circulating the internet. The youtube method is the most profitable for successful youtubers. This is my first time hearing of publishing books on google store.


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