Don’t Waste Time! 25 Online Works From Home You can Start Today.

Ever wondered why you even need to think about online works from home? Read this

When coronavirus appeared in China in December 2020 and slowly started moving to the rest of the world. It forced all countries to shut down temporarily.

Not even the most powerful nations were having any idea what to do other than to declare nationwide lockdown. What next?

People were not having any other options than to sit at their home for a few months, it started hitting many white-collar jobs too.

People started searching for alternatives like freelancing projects, online works from home which can earn them money even in their leisure time. Even though online working has been in the industry for a longer period.

Here are those lists of online works from home.

1.  Blogging


It is one of the most talked-about professions when we talk about online jobs. It is a good recommendation to housewives, students, or anyone who wants online works from home and earn money. And all that it involves is writing and sharing about something that you love.

Follow these steps to get started with Blogging.

  • Find a niche in which you want to start blogging, buy domain-hosting and create your website with word-press.
  • Start writing regular quality content on your websites. Learn and apply SEO while writing content.
  • Within a few months, you start seeing some traffic on your websites.  You can start monetizing those traffic through Google AdSense and affiliate marketing.
  • With consistency and proper learning, you can easily start making $500 – $1000 within 6-9 months.

2. Affiliate marketing


This is the best passive income you can earn while sleeping

The idea behind affiliate marketing is you promoting someone’s product and given a handsome commission if someone buys through your recommendation. Basically, you are helping merchants making sales.

You can start your affiliate marketing journey if you have any of your Blogs, YouTube channels, Social media pages, or any other platforms where you can promote the product to people.

The commission ranges anywhere from a few dollars to thousands of dollars on each sale.

You have to decide which should be your niche product and it is highly recommended to choose products that you like to use and can be helpful to your audience.

Some of the affiliate programs are

  • Amazon Associates
  • Clickbank
  • ShareASale
  • eBay partner program
  • Bluehost Affiliate program
  • MaxBounty  Affiliate Network   

and hundreds of similar programs you can find on the internet. This could be the most effective way among our listed online works from home.

3. Social media marketing


online works from home-social media marketing

Social media marketing or SMM is a powerful tool being used by businesses of all sizes and industries. With almost half of the world’s population out there on the internet, companies are trying to bet on internet marketing.

Social media marketing includes creating and sharing content on various social media networks- like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube, Pinterest, etc., to drive audience engagement on the shared posts.

Posts can be in the form of Textual information, Images, Videos updates to aware people of the brand and achieve your marketing goals.

You can start social media marketing for small companies and help them to be more visible on social sites through creating various posts about those companies and also start targeting customers through paid advertisements.

You can charge anywhere from $200 – $500 initially for managing smaller companies’ social media, helping brand visibility, and bringing them sales through paid advertisements.  

4.  Logo / Graphic designing


The role of graphic designers is increasing day by day. A good graphic designer is also a good logo designer. Designing has become almost inevitable today in the internet world if you want to present your brands to the world.

Graphic designer helps to create appealing contents or visual concepts using computer software or by hands. They create designs to communicate ideas that inspire and prompt users to take action.

Design can be in the form of advertisements, brochures, Logo designing, Business cards, or reports.

Being a good graphic designer can easily pay you $30 – $50 per hour just by sitting and working from home. You can find designing or logo-making clients on Fiverr or Upwork easily.

The key point to remember is you should start small. And as you complete a good amount of projects there, based on your job satisfaction score you can increase your charges per hour.

5.  Online tutoring


Online classes have become a key game-changer in the online learning industry. If you have knowledge or mastery over any skills or subjects –programming languages or subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Finance or any other expertise.

You can either start teaching them on YouTube and make money through AdSense or there are many other platforms like Udemy, edx, Coursera, or Skillshare where you can upload your tutorial videos as a course and earn by selling them.

There are also websites where you can teach online just by sitting at your home to hundreds of students. Websites like Tutors, Vedantu, Tutorsme, Urbanpro provide you jobs on their platforms.

You will be paid on an hourly basis. So if you have any skills you are good at and want to make some money you can try this among our listed online works from home.

6. Content writing


content writing - online works from home


It is always said, “Content is king”. Content is what makes you and defines who you are. Whether it be your resume or your social media handle or anything.

If you are good at it, there are chances of you earning millions. There are celebrities, political parties, event specialists, business enterprises, newspaper and media agencies who would be willing to hire you.

 All you have to do will be to write content for them for the topics they give. Sounds simple right? Can you think of better online works from home?

7. Web Designing


Can you imagine a world without the internet and websites?

Have you ever thought about who manages all these websites?

It’s a web designer who is responsible for creating attractive and functional websites. And they plan an important role in today’s business.

Javascript is used in 90% of websites. Learning it is definitely an easily earning job.

Web designers mainly deal with the front-end development of websites and you mainly require HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT to get you started as a web designer.

You can easily earn $20 – $50 per hour by taking simple web designing projects initially.

The better you serve your clients and do good job chances of making good money increases within a few months.

8.  App/game development


Banks, Hospitals, News channels, Universities, Governments, and many other organizations have applications to take care of their everyday happenings and to convey it to others.

All these apps are taken care of by one or the other app developer.

If you know many successful apps, particularly those in the Apple and Google stores, are created and marketed by individuals and small businesses. In 2016 independent app developers alone made $20 Billion in app stores.

App/Game developer will

  • Test and document the software
  • Understand the requirements of the clients and turn them into technical product
  • Write, modify, and debug software.
  • Design and upgrade application components as and when required

Java is a hot favorite for android developers whereas objective-c and swift are two main languages for iOS developers.

Even though the user-base for android is much more than iOS. But iOS developer earning and profit margin is greater. You should rather focus on the languages you are comfortable working with and earn money accordingly.

App developers are paid $30 – $80 per hour on an average online for their work.

9.  Online SEO manager


search engine optimization


Google has made it difficult for any random website to appear on its first page which means all the websites need some sort of optimization also called search engine optimization(SEO) if it wants to rank higher.

As an SEO manager, your job is to audit the website and optimize its contents to prompt Google to rank that website on SERP (on the first page).

As a business, it becomes more important to be on the first page to avoid losing 95% of the traffic or your potential customers. SEO managers help them to achieve this goal.

With your SEO and digital marketing skills, you can earn a lot of money today online just by helping businesses in achieving their marketing and sales goals.

10.  Running advertisements (ads)


This goes in hand with digital marketing or Social media marketing. Running ads is helping businesses to be more visible online where people are spending most of their time.

You can help small businesses by advertising it online by running Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Linkedin ads, Google ads, Tiktok ads, etc. based on their business model.

Understanding audience behavior is very important on social media. As an advertisement expert, you should figure out which platform would be best to run ads for the specific business. 

For example, running fashion niche ads on Linkedin should not be your first priority rather focussing on Instagram and Facebook where youths spend their time would be a better idea.

Running ads for small businesses can easily earn you $300-$1000 per month if you can help them in increasing their brand awareness or sales.

11. Virtual assistant


Virtual – without physically present

Assistant – providing services to entrepreneurs or businesses 

So virtual assistants provide services to entrepreneurs or businesses without physically being present. 

Businesses have a virtual assistant

  • For making better use of employees
  • To save time
  • To save money

Here is a list of few things which a virtual assistant does

  • Managing social media
  • Managing appointments
  • Documenting reports
  • Personal tasks like booking hotels and restaurants

To be a virtual assistant you should have specialization in human resources or market research or content writing or social media management or any other fields.

12.  Freelance stock photographer


Stock photos are nothing but professional photographs of a particular person, place, buildings, event, or any other thing that are bought and sold by people for money.

These photos may be used for magazines or business enterprises or catalogs or any other commercial purpose.

Here are few things you can do

  • Click good photographs of something that you like
  • Set out terms and conditions according to your interest
  • Start searching out for potential customers or agencies who would be interested in buying it
  • Sell it at a good price

If your photos are good, you could earn up to $50 per photo. Sounds easy and interesting. Doesn’t it?

13. Data entry jobs


Data entry is a process of entering the information/data into a computer from other sources mainly non-electronic devices. And it is the easiest among these online works from home.

To be a data entry specialist you need to really fast in typing. You need to type up to 80 words per minute without grammatical/punctuation errors.

The skills that you need include MS word, MS Excel, and other similar applications.

The money paid in data entry entirely depends on the pace and effectiveness of your delivered projects. The better you are with these skills, the more you will be paid.

14. Copywriting




Copywriting is similar to that of content writing. But here it is not only about content, you have to drive traffic and bring in leads as well.

For example, if you are asked to write a review of a particular product, people should not only be attracted by your copywriting, it should prompt them to take action and buy that product. Then you can be called a good copywriter.

Highly skilled copywriters earn millions of money. And what made them highly skilled in their discipline, commitment, and their experience.

We have already discussed in detail copywriting skills in one of our other blogs.

15. Cybersecurity


Cybersecurity refers to the protection of computer systems and networks from the theft of or damage to one individual’s or company’s hardware, software, and electronic data, as well as from the disruption of the services that are provided to them.

This field is becoming more important due to increased dependency on the computers and internet and also due to the inventions of “smart” devices, which includes smartphones, smart TV, and other devices that constitute the “IOT (Internet of Things)”. 

Cybersecurity is also considered one of the major problems of the present world.

 You can reach many insecure websites on the internet and pitch them with the security issues on their website and how can you help them. And negotiate your charges accordingly.

16.  Legal Consultancy


Legal consultants are the one who helps you manage and identify legal risk, whether it is personal, professional or corporate related. The markets are growing at a very good pace today. All the market enterprises need legal consultants to advise them on investments, venturing capitals, taking loans, etc. 

Legal consultants must provide good client service by managing their staff and finances well. To be a legal consultant you must have legal knowledge and skills and also good management and communication skills.

The money that you earn will totally depend on the type of project that you are willing to take up.

17.  Business Consultancy


group of people in meeting - top leadership qualities

As the name itself suggests, Business Consultants are the ones professional advice on specialized fields such as marketing, finance, technology, human resources, etc.

The money you earn in Business consultancy depends on the kind of specialization you have and the amount of working experience you have. You may be hired to do tasks that are beneficial for the company.

18.  Video editor/graphic designing


In this era of advancements in technology, videography, and photography play a significant role whether it be for improving a company’s brand or whether it be to make sales of your product or whether it be to invite somebody for an event or a seminar. All these messages are conveyed to the audience in the form of either photos or videos. 

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, everyone tries to convey their voice and emotions through pictures and videos on various platforms.

There is a great demand for people who know to design and make posters, banners, videos, etc. Some of the software to learn for this could be Adobe, Fusion 360 and many more.

This is one of the easy online jobs you can do and make good money as a freelancer.

19.   Voiceover


Voiceover is a method of using pre-recorded voice for radio, television commercials, movies, and many more. It is usually read from a script. This is often called voice acting.

First and foremost, for this, you need to have a pleasant voice. In addition to that a mic and software to record.

It can also be translated into other languages. Most of the voice acting is paid hourly. How much it will depend on the type of project you get.

20.   Health and nutrition advisor


Health and nutrition advisors are the ones who suggest food and exercise techniques that help the physical and mental well-being of a human. They help you to develop certain eating, exercise, and other daily routines that can be followed to maintain a healthy metabolism, sound mind. Good immune system and a healthy body.

As a health and nutrition consultant, you need to

  • Discuss and analyze the current eating habits of clients and advise them to improve
  • Educate the clients on the importance of specific foods, their nutrients, and their effect on the diet.
  • Study the client’s health history and daily routine to match their nutrition requirements.

To do this you should have good knowledge of food and its nutritional benefits. Also, you need to know different kinds of exercises and their effects on different human beings.

21.   Youtuber


youtuber -online works from home


Youtube has over 2 Billion logged-in monthly users. 81% of the 15-21 years old in the United States use Youtube. And youtube is considered to be the second most preferred screen to watch videos amongst 18-35 years old.

Do you know Ryan ToysReview now boasts over 18 million subscribers? It also brought in a reported income of $22 million dollars in 2018. He is just a kid who plays with the toys so that kids can watch him play

What are you waiting for?

This is one of the best platforms to make money. How will you do so?

  • Start a channel with a particular niche
  • Publicize your channel and make it compliant with the rules and regulations of Youtube
  • Setup Adsense account
  • Start monetizing through Adsense account
  • Also find different ways of monetizing by inviting guests or by promoting a brand or by selling products

According to the latest updates, if your channel has been watched for at least 4000 hours, you can start earning money. Nevertheless, this is a long journey and hence be patient.

22.   Online surveys


The world is now very competitive when it comes to business, So you need to invest a lot of time in knowing exactly what the audience needs. 

So before launching a new product, the company makes a survey to understand the people’s needs.

In other words, this is called Market Research and the company spends a lot of money to do this. Companies usually don’t make their employees do this. They will usually ask an external agency to do this.

Completing a survey will take between 1 minute to 30 minutes. And the participants are paid for filling out the survey. 

So all you need to do is spend a little time to help the company with its survey and earn money. what could be better online works from home than this.

23.   Public relation freelancers


Public relation consultants or PR Consultants are the ones who take care of an individual or an organization’s online presence. Some of his/her duties will be 

  • To plan and develop PR strategies
  • Replying to inquiries from media or social media
  • Researching and writing a press release
  • Preparing brochures, speeches, articles, etc
  • Market research 

In order to do your work efficiently and to earn a big amount of money, you should 

  • Know your audience
  • Having good content writing skills
  • Have a problem-solving mentality
  • Have an understanding of the industry
  • Know how to work under pressure
  • Know about the current trends

24.   Web application /SaaS developer


Now if you are good at programming languages and like to spend your free time coding. It can give you really awesome bucks.

Web development needs quite some good skills and logic. You should be knowing both frontend and backend development to be a good web application developer (full-stack developer).

SaaS (service as software) is an online software service you host on the internet to be used by anyone from anywhere. You can charge them once while buying your service or through subscription-based services which can be monthly or annually.

This skill can be a really wonderful opportunity for you to start and take your journey as an entrepreneur if any of your applications take a hit in the online market.

You can charge $300 – $1000 or even more for your development service if you have promising skills under this. 

25.   Email marketing


The name suggests it all. It’s marketing to either promote your brand or to sell your product/service through emails.

All professional conversations are made through the mail and most of the people/organization in this world has an email.

According to statistics, American workers will receive an average of 126 emails a day. Your email would be just one amongst them.

But you need to create your unique ideas, creativity, and skills in order to attract the reader and finalize the deal.




Although it is not easy initially to practice these online works from home. But if you can take your 5-6 months time honing any of the mentioned skills you will be easily able to make money.

There is no reason for you to stop thinking of the possibilities of making more money from home and exploring different ways of your online money-making journey.

People have made millions just by working initially from home and in the process, they were able to establish their own online business.

If they can do it, it goes without saying you can too.

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