Flipkart Affiliate Program: How to Earn in Millions[2024]

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest money You can earn and possibly make millions. Though there are many affiliate programs out there, we will be talking about Flipkart Affiliate Program.

Everyone’s aim is to make money while they’re sleeping and Affiliate Marketing is the next Millionaire making industry.

As discussed in our other articles, one of the easy ways of earning money is through the Affiliate Program. 

So what does the Affiliate Program mean?

Affiliate Marketing is promoting products or services of other companies or brands and in return, you get the affiliate commission when someone buys those products or services through your referral links

You can promote that links through your own blogs, YouTube channel, Email-Marketing, Facebook or Instagram pages, or any social media platforms.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn money when you’re not selling products/ services. It is nothing but driving traffic from your website/mobile site / mobile apps to other online stores and earning a commission on every purchase.

These Affiliate programs are run by companies like Hubspot, Coursera, TripAdvisors Flipkart, Amazon, etc.  Now we’ll be only dealing with the Flipkart Affiliate program.

What is your role in this?

Your role as an affiliate partner is very simple. It is to help Flipkart drive sales.  You can promote Flipkart products via various platforms which include a website, apps or social media pages.

Most people use a website for product promotions since it is easier to build a website than an app.

Flipkart was established in 2007 by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal, both alumni of IIT Delhi. They worked for Amazon before establishing Flipkart. 

Flipkart is one of the biggest e-commerce stores in India. Products include electronics, home appliances, dress, baby care products, automobile products, books, and many more. 

For instance, if you’re writing about food, you can promote recipe books. And if they click on it and buy them, you get the commission. 

Additionally, if someone goes to Flipkart through your link and buys something else, you still get the commission for the product he has bought. 

Why Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Program?


  • Low-Risk Investment

The money that you are investing to set up the affiliate account is very low compared to most of the other affiliate programs

  • Variety of products

As mentioned earlier, products in Flipkart include electronics, home appliances, dress, baby care products, automobile products, books, and many more. 

  • High conversion rate

The conversion rate is very high as compared to other affiliate programs. This is because the market is very wide and people find a variety of products to buy.

  • Affiliate Tools

Flipkart provides a lot of Affiliate tools that will help you in promoting their products. Tools include banners, posters, etc

  • Reports

Flipkart provides real-time reports and helps us in improving them all the time.

What do you get in return?


You get a certain commission percentage based on the product sale. The below list gives an idea of the commission percentage for every sale that you bring. 

For mobiles, tablets you get up to 5%. clothing, watches, toys, bags, books, stationery, the kitchen gets up to 10%. For EBooks, you get up to 15%. 

You can earn up to 80,000 Rupees if you’re driving good traffic to your website/app. 

What do you need to have to do this?


First, you need to have a pan card, which is one of the most important documents to set up any business in India, and second, it is mandatory to have a website or any apps or through social media accounts.

The rest of the requirements vary based upon the withdrawal method you opt for.

How do you start with Flipkart affiliate marketing?


When you are done with creating a website or app, you need to follow 5 steps to get your Flipkart affiliate marketing business up and running.

 These 5 steps are:

a). Create an account on Flipkart Affiliate Program

To create an account, find the registration form on the  Flipkart affiliation page. Email and phone numbers will be verified through an OTP. 

After registration, you need to make your Flipkart affiliate tracking ID which is unique and helps to measure sales by Affiliate partners. 

After that, you’ll be asked to upload some documents and asked to pay some amount of money between 5000 rupees to 7500 Rupees. Flipkart will take another 15 days to get your account verified. 

b). Select your niche

Selecting your niche is considered to be the most important parameter for your results. Your niche can be anything but you have to choose it wisely. 

After that start reviewing products. This can be done by blogs, YouTube, etc. You can also write articles and give them an Affiliate link to buy what you have written about. 

c). Create Affiliate links

Open the product page which you wish to promote, copy its URL and paste it into the Affiliate link generator tool. You need to put this link in your blog or YouTube videos.

d). Promote the blog posts

Make YouTube videos, answer questions on Quora and Reddit and drive traffic to your website to increase traffic. 

e). Commission withdrawal

How do you withdraw the commission earned?


There are two types of withdrawal methods:

1. You can choose The Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) method where the requirements include PAN Card, Bank account details, and a Canceled cheque.

So in this, the commission will be transferred to your bank directly.

2. You can also choose The Electronic Gift Voucher (EVG) method where the requirements include the PAN Card and Address Proof.

In this the money received, can be used to buy Flipkart products. 


The most important thing is you need to choose the right product to advertise and products that are fully relevant to your niche. Choosing the right type of ads is important. For instance, Banners will perform better than links and buttons.

 You should always try to increase the traffic to your website to increase your conversions of your Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Program.

This is a very good way to make money but it is also important to be patient and give enough time to your campaign.

You should realize what reality is and not think of becoming a millionaire overnight. Patience and persistence are important.

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